A creative project utilizing advanced level photoshop techniques, items consists of (1) Design of a Wuxia themed wandering swordsman via 1/6 scale modeling. (2) Photography and creative photo manipulation. (3) Designs of three wide format movie banners.



Character inspirations are mostly from the Wuxia term: Escort - a roaming swordsman who provides protection services to paying travelers, merchants and merchandise in transit. The backdrop I'm aiming for is a precipitous cluster of mountains, primarily of Huashan, Huangshan and Zhangjiajie's sandstone pillars.


Character Designs

Various hand-made and kit-bash materials were used to create the character designs. The designs get finalized with photo manipulation. The style I am aiming for is of a combination of the classical Japanese Ninja's slick and covert aesthetics with the Chinese Wuxia swordman's rugged warrior look and feel.

Design A

Ninja inspired aesthetics. An assassin-like style, shoulder, chest and leg armor are worn over ninja-yoroi to give the feeling of a warrior, rather than just an assassin. Headwrap and face mask are used for the covert look along with a half cape for additional concealment. Side skirts were used to bring out a more ancient look. The katana is worn over the back and is tied down using straw rope.

Design B

Wuxia inspired aesthetics. A rough, poised and carefree style, utilizing a custom-made off-balance straw hat with beads, a ripped and shredded cape with a neck wrap, as well as a long flowy hanfu robe (color dyed to black) to bring out the rugged look. Other items added to compliment the Wuxia style: hulu flask, traveling bag, straw ropes, and jian.

Design C

The Traveling Blade. A mixture of A + B's design. A full body cloak, mask, neck wrap and straw hat was developed to bring out the "traveler" look. The set of robes used here are based on slightly shortened Samurai pleats and Hanfu dressing style. A head-sculpt with rooted hair (as opposed to a wrapped head [Design A]) was used for this model to complete the overall look of a free roaming swordsman.

Digital Motion Promo Banner

Advanced level Photo / Video FX manipulation via Photoshop and After Effects.


Hero Reveal

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

Version 3.0


Secondary Visuals

Version 1.0 - Scenic

Version 2.0 - Symbolic


Building Banner - Scenic

Version 1.0

Version 2.0