With Arch MI's leading risk-based pricing tool - RateStar, reaching its 10 year anniversary mark. Our development team has been hard at work to update the tool's user interface, improving its usability, simplicity, and visuals.

I served as the key designer and developer in establishing the vision in the look and feel for the New RateStar Portal Launch Campaign. Deliverables include print/digital ads, pull up banners and a social media teaser trailer video.

Concept Exploration Process

I begin the creative process with a moodboard for preliminary brainstorming. The moodboard is designed to communicate/influence/generate new ideas via a compilation of images that portray the action, subject, tone, and feeling of the grand imagery that will be developed for the campaign. Moodboard images selected contains asset properties that can be utilized or be heavily modified based on needs. (Colors, ambient lighting, shadows, objects, subjects, facial expressions, weather, actions.)

Concept 1 Exploration - Phase 1

Concept 2 Exploration - Phase 2

Concept 2 Exploration - Phase 1

Concept 2 Exploration - Phase 3

Graphic Building

Once a concept is chosen, imagery development begins. The graphic is custom tailored to symbolize the new RateStar portal's strong usage of blue and green highlights. Everything from the butterfly wings to the cocoon are edited to create a vibrant/neon-ish blue symbolizing our new technology.

The original cocoon was not too pleasing to view so adjustments to it were needed, the replacement I went for portrays more of that neon/glossy/tech look I had aimed for. In order to make the butterfly stand out and really pop, I put it over a black background with a burst of light in the center, enhancing the focal point.

Before and After

Print Ad and Banners

After imagery has been developed, typography and layout comes next.

Print Ad

Tradeshow Banner A

Tradeshow Banner B


A short clip teaser is developed for social media. Designed and developed with After Effects.

The idea here is to use a new born butterfly's wings to showcase a new generation, symbolizing something new and beautiful is coming soon. The teaser is meant to build hype and excitement before the official launch.

New RateStar Portal Teaser Trailer - New Born Butterfly

Alternative Version - Crack with Beams

Alternative Version - Single Cut Opening

Digital Ads

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