A campaign developed to give recognition for Arch MI's 25th year anniversary with Credit Unions. I served as the key designer and developer in establishing the creative vision + look and feel for this campaign. The idea behind the graphic is to showcase lifestyle imagery of homeowners and mortgage professionals in various settings, time and activities. The "25" graphic was made to begin with a gray scale tone and end with full color to portray the transition from the past to present.

Concept Exploration Process

I begin the creative process with a moodboard for preliminary brainstorming. The moodboard is designed to communicate/influence/generate new ideas via a compilation of images that portray the action, subject, tone, and feeling of the grand imagery that will be developed for the campaign. Moodboard images selected contains assets that can be utilized or be heavily modified based on needs. Colors, ambient lighting, shadows, objects, subjects, facial expressions, weather, actions, and much more can all be creatively manipulated.


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